Proposed Projects

1. Updating the Curriculum

Option 1 - ProposedMath– The District currently utilizes a subscription-based program and this is the last year the District can offer the curriculum before losing rights. Subscribing to the new version includes increased program and book costs.

Science – While the District added classes throughout the years, more than a decade has passed since updating the curriculum and taking a comprehensive look at K-12 materials.

Social Studies – The District recently had to purchase additional textbooks to support the increased enrollment. These textbooks were originally published in 2003 and are now difficult to obtain. New standards have since been released and need to be incorporated into the District’s teachings. Rather than purchase outdated materials to simply fill a void, the District needs to update whole curriculum areas.

2. Purchasing New School Vans

Option 3 - Proposed

The District currently owns two, seven-passenger school vans which are frequently used for building to building transportation, field trips, and extracurricular activities. These vans are aged, rusted, and housing hard miles. The District would like to purchase two new ten-passenger vans. The additional seats would allow the District to utilize the vans more often for field trips and sporting events and would save the costs of renting a school bus. The District recently sent a school bus to an event with only nine passengers on board. The District paid approximately $400 plus the cost of gas for that trip and frequently has to utilize a school bus when a larger school van would suffice.

3. Performing Deferred Maintenance

Option 7 - Proposed
Environmental – Due to its age, many materials within the District are presumed to contain asbestos. This includes mastic in the ceiling, tile flooring, chalkboards, and piping. Environmental factors must be considered and budgeted for prior to performing any facility improvements.

Option 8 - Proposed
Safety – The District recently invested in new door locks, security film, and cameras, however, additional projects remain, such as eliminating trip hazards due to cracked flooring and repairing crumbling exterior sidewalks.

Technology – The District currently has its original Cat5 cable and would benefit from upgrades to technology infrastructure and equipment.

Option 11 - Proposed
HVAC – While the District has some direct digital controls, a significant portion remains pneumatic. The District would like to upgrade the remaining controls to allow for remote access. Upgrading this equipment would save time, energy, and utility costs. Additional HVAC needs exist, such as updating univents, and will be addressed based on priority.